Philosophy of LTH

America is clearly at a crossroads with our liberties in jeopardy.  The main stream media has proven that it cannot be trusted to tell the full story and in many cases, they have clearly lied.

Before we can decide what liberties are being eroded, we must first define what exactly our natural rights are and the role of our government. These are the questions that our liberties are defined by.  These are the questions our founding fathers asked themselves.  These are the questions that men and women answered when they decided to stand up to the largest force in the world at the time.  These are the questions that men and women died for.

Liberty is being attacked on every front.  There are so many issues that, we the people, cannot keep up.  The main stream media wants to flood us with issues that don’t matter so we do not notice the real attacks going behind everyone’s back.

There is a reason liberty groups have formed all across the country.  A very good reason for sure.  America is under attack and the people are standing up against their attackers.  However, the main stream media wants to portray them as anti-American, hate mongers and God, Jesus or Christian freaks.

America was built on solid principles with the main role of our government being the protection of our natural rights, our liberties and limited government standing within the rule of law.  This is what our forefathers died for.

There is no better way to explain these principles then the words in the Declaration of Independence.  Please take a few minutes and read the Declaration of Independence even if you have already read it in the past, please read it again, it will not be a waste of your time!