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Glenn A. Wilson, Sr.glenn lth 3

A father, proud grandfather of five kids, and a successful business owner and entrepreneur. Glenn is a true "man of the people".  An active supporter in numerous charities including: Shriners, The Ogemaw County Animal Shelter, West Branch Little League, and the American Red Cross to name a few.  In 2009 he was named "Citizen of the Year" by the Roscommon Rotary Club.

After moving to Rose City Glenn was disappointed at the lack of Internet service in the area, so he started his own internet company, M33 Access, and since then it's grown in to one of the largest wireless broadband grids of its kind.  Now, Glenn is disappointed in the United States Government and the path it seems to be taking and he wants to be active towards building a better future for his grandchildren. . . as well as their grandchildren. He is excited about this awesome journey he is embarking on to make a difference in the United States of America.

With a keen interest and understanding in constitutional matters. Your hosts will educate and provide clarity where others seek to obscure truth and reason for their deceitful gain and advantage.  Roundtable discussions, interviews, news segments, speeches, and occasionally political satire are intended to attract audiences to stay informed and take action.