Liberty Town Hall - The Voice of Liberty

Liberty Town Hall (LTH) is a daily television series dedicated to allowing the voice of liberty to be heard in the great country of ours.  It addresses real issues facing our nation that the main stream news media refuses to address.  The 1/2-hour program appears each weekday on over 230 television stations nationwide with new stations added regularly.  Currently aired during the prime-time slot on The Walk TV network, Liberty Town Hall is truly a new voice echoing the liberty cry originated by our founding fathers who cherished the idea of liberty over physical threat and even death.

The show produced in M33tv’s newest television studio with a completely new stage set and state-of-the-art production equipment.  “Liberty deserves the best we can afford,” says Host Glenn Wilson.  “These new studios are just the first of many commitments M33tv has made to making sure that liberty thrives once again in this country.  I would like to also offer a very special thanks to Jim West of The Walk TV for their help in providing a nation-wide platform for the people’s voice to be heard.”

Watch on The Walk TV Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9PM EST and again at 1AM EST or on anytime!

Capitalized Human Resources

Glenn talks with Ken Thompson about how the federal reserve has capitalized human resources.  What exactly does this mean?  Tune in to find out!



Tea Party Interviews

Glenn sat down with several members of the Tea Party to discuss the direction the party is heading and what it should stand for.